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5 reasons why the Sunshine Coast in Queensland is the best place in the world to get married!

Destination Wedding Australia
Destination Beach Elopement

Here's why the gorgeous Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia is the perfect destination for your wedding:

1. We have roughly 283 days of sunshine a year, so outdoor weddings are really popular

2. We have the best of both worlds, with the beach and the rolling hills! Get married on top of the world in the hinterland with magnificent views over the mountains, or choose from over 30 extraordinary beaches to get married on or beside

3. You can marry and honeymoon in the same location, no need to jet off anywhere else just stay and enjoy all that the coast has to offer

4. Just an easy 1 hours drive from Brisbane International Airport, so access in and out is really simple

5. Elope to Sunshine Coast can handle all of the details, so if you are coming from overseas all you need to do is turn up and get married!

Contact Elope to Sunshine Coast to discuss your intimate wedding or elopement.


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