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Eff it! "Let's Elope"

Have you been planning every little detail for your wedding day and getting extremely overwhelmed? Are you stressed from lack of time and energy and trying to hold it all together? Do you feel like giving up on your wedding dreams?

You are not alone! Thousands of people are scaling things back and eloping or creating that intimate wedding instead!

In our new world that we are living in eloping and micro weddings are becoming the new normal. Make the journey of planning your wedding enjoyable instead of becoming a nervous wreck.

Elopements and small intimate weddings are incredibly personal and romantic. They are far more relaxed and enjoyable and did we say way more affordable?! What's not to love about small weddings?

You can still throw that big party next year to celebrate with all your friends - even those from overseas will be able to come too.

Make the switch to an elopement or small wedding, you won't regret it.


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