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Elevate Your Elopement: Stunning Styling Tips for an Intimate Wedding

Hey there, lovely couples! I’m thrilled to be guest blogging for Elope to Sunshine Coast, sharing some delightful ideas to sprinkle a touch of magic on your intimate wedding or elopement. Picture this: you and your beloved, surrounded by golden beaches and the gentle lull of waves, saying "I do" under the radiant Queensland sun. Bliss, right? But let's not overlook the styling that can transform your small gathering into a breathtaking celebration.

Why Styling Matters, even for an Elopement

Just because you're opting for a small wedding doesn't mean you should miss out on beautiful styling. In fact, the right decor can set the tone and elevate the entire experience. Imagine an arbour—it’s like the frame of a picture. Without it, the image is beautiful but incomplete. An arbour can turn your intimate ceremony into a truly special event, creating a focal point that makes your photos pop and adds a sense of occasion.

As a wedding photographer, I can’t stress enough how much a well-styled arbour enhances your ceremony photos. It adds depth, beauty, and a sense of place that elevates every snapshot. Now, let’s dive into some fabulous styling tips to make your elopement unforgettable.

The Power of the Arbour 

An arbour can transform your ceremony from simple to stunning. Whether you go for a rustic wooden structure, a minimalist metal frame, or a floral extravaganza, it sets the stage for your vows. It’s the perfect way to frame your love story and make your day feel like a true wedding, not just a gathering.

Confetti Exit or Bubbles

Adding a confetti exit or bubble send-off brings a burst of joy and magic to your day. It’s not only a wonderful way to celebrate but also creates incredible photos. Plus, there’s something utterly enchanting about walking through a shower of confetti or a cloud of bubbles as newlyweds.

Fairy Lights for Evening Charm

If you’re planning a twilight ceremony, fairy lights are a must. They create a dreamy, romantic atmosphere as the sun sets. String them around your arbour, drape them over trees, or create a canopy above your ceremony space. It’s pure magic and makes for stunning evening photos.

Petal Carpet for Your Entrance

A petal carpet adds a touch of elegance and romance to your ceremony entrance. Imagine walking down an aisle strewn with delicate petals, leading you to your beloved. It’s a beautiful, simple way to add colour and texture to your ceremony.

Stylish Seating

Even with a few guests, seating can be stylish and thoughtful. Consider decorating chairs with flowers, ribbons, or personalised touches. It makes your guests feel special and adds to the overall aesthetic of your ceremony. Plus, it ensures everyone has a comfortable spot to witness your vows.

Customised Arbour Styles

Choose an arbour that reflects your vibe. Whether it’s boho chic with wildflowers, classic elegance with roses and greenery, or beachy with driftwood and shells, the arbour should resonate with your personal style and the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast.

 Comfortable and Cozy

Ensure your guests are comfortable. Provide cozy seating with cushions, blankets for cooler evenings, or even parasols for shade. Happy guests mean a more relaxed and joyful atmosphere.


Styling your elopement or small wedding is all about creating a memorable experience that reflects your love story. From a beautifully decorated arbour to a whimsical confetti exit, these elements elevate your day and make it truly special. So, breathe in, soak up the beauty around you, and let your hearts guide you as you celebrate this magical moment.

Ready to Make Magic Happen?

If you're planning a small wedding or elopement on the stunning Sunshine Coast, I'd be absolutely thrilled to be your photographer! Let's capture every beautiful, heartwarming moment of your special day together. Get in touch, and let's start planning the wedding photos of your dreams!


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