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When is the best time to get married on the Sunshine Coast Queensland?

The Sunshine Coast in Queensland typically has the most magnificent weather during the months of April through to September. Outdoor weddings by the beach held during these months usually experience gorgeous blue skies and calm oceans. Or head on up to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Mountain ranges and look over the Glasshouse Mountains and the gorgeous, lush countryside below. The views are breath-taking from up here. The Sunshine Coast has a lot to offer, be it the smell of the salt air or the fresh mountain air. Too many options to choose from!

The settled nature of mother nature in winter on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland makes it extremely attractive for outdoor weddings at this time of the year! Temperatures are usually mid 20's in the middle of the day and often dreamy pink hues appear on dusk and sunset.

So if you are considering a wedding and are stuck on the best time of the year, do not overlook a winter wedding on the Sunshine Coast. You can wear your 3-piece wedding suits and stunning bridal gowns without breaking a sweat, and everyone will enjoy the calm conditions. Even an outdoor reception is looking great in winter.


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