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Why elope?

Elope Sunshine Coast
Eloping Sunshine Coast Australia

There are many reasons why some couples choose to elope. From our experience with elopements no two reasons are the same. However the one main objective for eloping is choosing to have a day with full focus and meaning about the couple and no one else.

Some choose to have a select few guests, some without family and only friends and some with a mix of both.

Below we have outlined reasons to chose an elopement over a big wedding and this can help with deciding if eloping is the right fit for you:

  1. Currently we are living in a very different world with the virus in our lives. With rules changing regularly it can be less stressful having an elopement or very intimate wedding and when the world allows, having a big party to celebrate later on.

  2. You can pick a week day which means you don't have to book anything too far in advance which some people really like. The sooner the elopement the better is easier for a lot of people.

  3. Some people have never dreamed of that big wedding so eloping is a perfect fit for them.

  4. Elopements are a lot more cost effective, saving you financial stress.

  5. You can avoid family dramas. Enough said!

  6. Expectations are lower, the day is relaxed and the focus is solely on you.

  7. You can still have a gorgeous luxurious day but with out all the fuss.

When you are happy to leave the planning and all the details in the capable hands of a professional elopement team such as ourselves then you can rest and relax and just turn up on the day knowing everything will go smoothly! How good does that sound?!


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